Amsterdam, Netherlands – May 16, 2023

Stewart Hosford and Guillermo Altadill of Sail Team BCN with Ana Pimenta and Eduard van Benthem of Foundation Zero

Foundation Zero, the open source platform championing sustainable energy solutions within marine travel, is thrilled to announce its major sponsorship of Sail Team BCN, Spain’s newest challenger for the 37th America’s Cup in the Women’s and Youth divisions.

This partnership, inked today in Amsterdam, brings together two organizations with a shared vision of pushing the boundaries in sailing and contributing to a sustainable future.

Foundation Zero, renowned for its innovative project Zero, the world’s first zero-emission sailing boat, aligns perfectly with the Sail Team BCN’s ambition to lead in the world of sailing while promoting sustainable practices. Zero’’s sponsorship will not only support the team’s challenge for the America’s Cup but also enable them to do so in a manner that underscores the potential of zero-emission technologies.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Sail Team BCN and to be the official sustainability partner,” said Ana Pimenta, spokesperson for Zero. “This partnership represents a shared commitment to innovative, sustainable practices in sailing. It’s not just about winning races; it’s about shaping the future of the sport and the health of our oceans.”

The sponsorship will aid in the development of Sail Team BCN’s campaign base in Barcelona, the purchase and operation of a state-of-the-art AC40 race boat, and the recruitment of promising young and female athletes from across Spain. Foundation Zero will also work together with Sail Team BCN to develop and implement several sustainability actions and practices across the team, the base and all the events. This partnership is a testament to Zero’s belief in the potential of renewable energy within competitive sailing and the need for a sustainable future.

Sail Team BCN, led by legendary Catalan sailor Guillermo Altadill and experienced international team manager Stewart Hosford, is set to make waves in the sailing world while promoting a more ecologically friendly approach to the sport.

“Together with Zero, we are looking forward to showcasing the power and potential of zero-emission technologies in competitive sailing,” said Hosford. “This partnership is a significant step towards a more sustainable future for sailing.”

For more information about Zero and Sail Team BCN, please visit their respective websites HERE.

About Foundation Zero

Foundation Zero is an open source platform where we are sharing all learnings & solutions regarding energy harnessing and usage from various projects for everyone to use. One of these projects is the world’s first zero-emission sailing boat. By harnessing hydro, solar, and wind energy, we are committed to proving a sustainable, eco-friendly future is possible without compromising comfort or efficiency.

About Sail Team BCN

Sail Team BCN is a Spanish sailing team, challenging for the 37th America’s Cup Women’s and Youth titles. The team is composed of experienced sailors and campaign managers working in collaboration with the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona (RCNB). Their mission is to win the America’s Cup while promoting sustainability and fostering the talent of young and female sailors.